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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Events on the Horizon

As the weeks rolled by, I have been busy, bit by bit piecing together my next book. Without going into another writer's report, I'll just say that my next book is just a few drafts away from publication. Throw it to an editor (without fracturing his/her skull), format it for an e-book, slap a cover on and then BAM! My second book, quick as fast food, scary as gross obesity and cancer. It's amazing how time flies that I've hardly been able to post... Though it's partly due to neglect that I haven't been updating this blog.

Anyway, I am aiming for a June release and promotion, and possibly an October Halloween promotion, in both cases I am hoping to be able to make back about 50% of my capital. My goals, however, can be stretched either way:

'Sustainable' Worse Case Scenario: I continue on the course, making only 25% of my capital back. More books required before I go beyond this line. I'll be transparent here, out of the $300 I'd spent on The Keeper of Pulau Purba, I'd made about $60 back. Blown up to say, $800 grand-total in expenditure after this year's Halloween promotion, I would need to earn $140 to hit this milestone.

Goal to Hit Right Between the Eyes: 50% of my capital. This will have to be calculated at multiple stages. On my short story collection's launch, I would have spent about $500 grand-total, which meant that I will have to earn another $190 more. What I am hoping is that my two books would work to promote each other. "Hey, if you like me, I got a baby brother here who needs love too! Watch the teeth though..." The Keeper of Pulau Purba would be saying.

However, if I stagger my promotions to be inclusive of Pulau Purba, I would be spending $600 total, and would have to earn $240 back from promoting both books.

In the lead-up to Halloween and on Halloween, I would be spending another $200, to push the grand total expenditure to $800, which meant I had to earn $340 from the now to when sales dry up.

Best Case Scenario: My short stories collection somehow does better than my debut novel, and help to earn about 75% of my capital (with some help from my debut). That would be earning $600 from $800.

My dream scenario? I actually start turning a profit... Heh.

So that's all folks! A book in a few months time, up to 4 promotional campaigns to the end of March, and I haven't mentioned that I'll be starting on a follow-up to The Keeper of Pulau Purba after June!

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